Artistís Biography

Born in Iran; the land of spectacular monuments, five thousands years of culture and history; rich in arts, tradition and handicrafts where the mountains embrace the lowest landscape and arid desserts lay abreast of the humid sea resorts. I was raised in a multicultural and multifaceted environment which encouraged me to the fact that this land should have been better introduced to the people living all over the globe.

Stemmed from the mentioned roots, nourished by the artistic parents and married to a supportive man the idea of introducing my homeland to all over the world energized me even more. I think I inherited this ingenuity from my parents; my mother a Dramatic Artist and my father a Textile Engineer and former CEO of Iran Rug Company who designed Persian rugs as a hobby.

Despite my studies in the field of Molecular and Cellular Biology from New York, I have always been passionate about Art, as the way to freely express my feelings so I decided to illustrate the charismatic spirit of my homeland with it. Indeed, these depictions are the soul of every stroke of my paintbrush. I need to say that being a scientist and working with microscope helped me to see details of an object even better.

Acrylic and watercolor media gives me the freedom of expression, the freedom that any artist needs to flourish. Inspired by a famous Persian artist, Shakiba ( who I have copied many of his works to begin with, I strive to reach beyond what I feel for my surroundings and I make every effort to fill my depictions with captivating expressions which could make me part of the works.

By means of this web site and in every stroke of my paintbrush, I am trying to unveil the beauty of my beloved homeland and I will try to utilize all the experiences, practices, and talents that I inherited from my dearly loved parents who I will be always thankful for the priceless attention they gave me.

I would like to thank you for taking the time and visiting my website and I truly appreciate any feedbacks you can share with me.
Best of all